Welcome to my inquiry project for UWRT 1102. This inquiry project is based around the I topic of body language and how we can use it to help us in our everyday lives and when it comes to athletic performance. Coming into this project, I had very little knowledge of the topic although I had already watched one Ted talk which eventually came to be the main source for my ideas. This talk was the basis for my initial question and I go onto explain this in further detail in my source list. This site can be used in many ways but one thing I would ask is begin with the editors introduction. Here you will find out the main points about the topic whilst also being able learn more about me in “About the editor” section. Personally, it has been an exciting journey as I researched body language and its implications in everyday life. The source list will give you a detailed list of all of the sources I have used with explanations and summaries accompanying them. In my source list, I have put them in a particular order. The final two sources in the list, fuel my brain for my projected inquiry section. I speak about how I would like to explore the sport side of the topic and as a result my final two sources were sport related. The glossary of key terms gives a few explanations of words that are consistently used throughout this site and help you better understand the conversation. Finally, you will find a section called “The Making of the Readers Guide”. In here you will find turning points and my topics for conversation as my inquiry phase progressed. Ideas stemmed for in-class parlours to reading comprehensions completed for homework. Also contained in this section are all of my blogs that I have composed over the course of the semester and large amounts of my work come from these blogs. I am glad to have you on as a reader and I hope you enjoy your experience as your learn more about the importance of body language in everyday life.