Fear of where the digital world is taking us


Before reading “The Empathy Diaries”, my interest in technologies involvement in our lives nowadays has caught my interest. It is a huge part of everyday life now and it is clearly evident that young children, and even adults are living their lives in a way that past generations cannot fathom. Personally, I can see both positive and negative impacts that technology has on today’s society and I fear that a total loss in conversation in yet to come. When Turkle talks about CEO’s asking their employees to place their phones in a basket before a meeting it reminded me of a time whereby I was at a team competition and our coach asked us to place all of our phones in the middle of the table during dinner. There was no doubt that if he had not asked us to do that, all of us would have gone on our phones at some point. As a result, the conversation that night was like none before and nobody had any argument to ‘need’ their phone. I find it very interesting listening in on older generations as they discuss this topic. Adults nowadays are clearly in fear of their children growing up with a lack of inter-personal skills, yet very few of them do not have the courage to tell their children to put away the devices. While most people hate the idea of these technologies taking over, this chapter makes me think “Is moving more into the digital world completely harmful to society or are there just as many benefits to it?”. I feel that the authors main worry is that people become so engrossed in the digital world that they no longer have the skills to talk to people face-to-face, and for me it is scary to think that, that is a strong possibility in the near future if we don’t take action soon.

Word Count: 314

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