Think Rhetorically

Before I read “Think Rhetorically” I had a very vague idea of the rhetorical situation as it was brought up in my previous UWRT class last semester. When it went on to talk about the audience that you are writing to, it caught my attention. I was very familiar with this because in the past as I am writing, I am always conscious of who I am writing to. The tone of the language used in crucial in order to get the right message across. If speaking to an authoritive figure and you were to use very informal language, your audience would not be impressed which would then effect ones ethos. Under “Consider Your Audience” I was introduced into the idea of thinking about your audience and not just myself as the writer. “What do my readers know about the topic?” was one quote that stood out to me. When writing I usually pay very little attention to my audience’s needs. I write without knowing if my audience has an understanding of the topic but now moving forward I will be able to consider what my audience knows before producing some piece of text. This introduction into the rhetorical situation has changed my outlook on completing various assignments. What I took from reading this passage was that your audience shapes the way you approach your writing and having them in the back of your mind whilst writing, will determine your tone and use of language. I was surprised by the way Moxley talked about how various audiences require various use of rhetoric. Some prefer visual aids whilst others are more conventional and text will suffice. Overall I enjoyed reading “Think Rhetorically” as it helped me better understand the topic and it was presented in a very easy-to-read manner.


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