Falling deeper and deeper into technology

As I begun reading the chapter “Friendship” I came across an interesting quote that reminded me of an experience relating to it. When referring to teenagers and their use of FaceTime, “they use it for after-school conversations with friends while running other apps on their iPads or iPhones”. Just recently while I was back in Ireland for Christmas, I was in a friends house and came across his little sister using her iPad for FaceTime with a friend and at the same time was sending snapchats on her iPhone. There is no doubt that teenagers feel far more comfortable nowadays communicating over apps rather than face-to-face interaction which is sad to see. I agree also with the argument that children at the ages of fourteen and fifteen are losing the ability to talk to the opposite sex face-to-face purely for the fact that social media gets in the way. Then once they reach adulthood, they lack the basic skill of speaking to the opposite sex and are only used to language they use on social media.

On page 145, the quote from Jasper makes me rethink the whole idea that technology only has a negative impacts on the lives of people these days. Organizing events or things to do has become a lot easier now that social media and smartphones are around, “To find a party is five buttons away”. I think this shows how it can have a positive effect on the world, but I do admit that people may argue against it. I can relate to the part about “Never a Dull Moment”, when I am on my own grabbing a quick bite to eat or just walking somewhere I do sometimes feel the urge to take out my phone and scroll through the various apps on my phone. I almost feel awkward without my phone out which is crazy but its the truth. Again this reading has made me think more about the whole conversation of friendships and how technology is taking over but I am hopeful that todays generation know enough about the negative impacts that it is having on human interaction and as a result will take action in the future to help the problem.

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