Spending some alone time isn’t as bad as it sounds!

There is no doubt that we “deny ourselves the benefits of solitude” during our everyday lives as it is clear that digital screens are taking over from face-to-face conversations. Gone are the days where you were required to sit alone and have to “think”, now we just pull out our devices to distract ourselves and take us away from our “alone time”. I was intrigued whilst reading the section of “Disconnection Anxiety” when it mentioned how people have more creativity when we “let our focus shift away from the people and things around us”. Personally I agree with this statement completely as I can relate myself. My thoughts and ideas flow much better when I do my homework in my room alone in comparison to trying to tackle the assignments whilst chatting with friends or watching tv. The whole idea of needing more effort to do non-digital activities ties in with the lazy society that has been forming over the past decade.

I was slightly shocked when reading the chapter “Self-Reflection” as it made me realize how far we have entered the digital world. Writing diaries was something of the past and the fact that they are few and far between nowadays is truly sad. Writing words down on paper has so much more meaning than typing. Your true emotions cannot be expressed on a screen but they can on paper. On page 95 it tells us how a research showed if you smile, it triggers chemicals associated with happiness. I once watched a TED talk where a woman spoke about this exact statement. People try to use body language in order to make themselves perform better and as a result their positivity, passes onto other people. I actually tried this myself when it came to playing golf, and it turns out that creating a positive body language for yourself helps you perform better wether that be in sport or life in general. It is important to allow time to ourselves and not just immediately rush to a screen the moment we have spare time. It may feel awkward at first but spending time without your phone or laptop ultimately has a positive effect on your life and I believe that everyone needs to do it more often.


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