Becoming distracted by distractions!

Reading the chapter of “Education” was an interesting experience. It was clear from the beginning that the whole conversation about devices and cellphone usage in classrooms are nothing but distractions. It is scary to think that “For some, three minutes is too long to go without checking their phones”. It has slowly but surely become more than an obsession but almost an addiction. Despite our generation knowing that “our performance degrades for each new task we add to the mix”, we still continue to add more and more distractions into the equation.

I found it quite funny how it says how “the distracted are a distraction” because very few realize how much of an impact someone who is distracted has on the rest of the class. A perfect example of this was in one of my classes only this week. I sat in the middle of two friends in a big lecture hall, and both immediately reverted to their phones. Quickly I found myself fall into that trap of having a glance at what they were doing, watching them aimlessly scroll through the various social media apps. The point that talked about the use of iPads in schools also triggered a memory of mine. Just the year below me in high-school, were chosen to start using tablets in class and they said the exact same as the girl in this text. It became too easy to switch off in class and wonder onto random apps and notes were having to be printed out to be able to learn them properly. I also believe that MOOC’s are a bad idea just for the simple fact that there is nothing like face-to-face consultation with a professor, and like mentioned in the text, some students are browsing the web whilst pretending to be “online”. I agree with trying to use technology as an aid when it comes to education but unfortunately there is a fine line between aiding and disrupting. Students now know the ins-and-outs of texting in class and can even text under the table whilst looking at the board. Over the next few years I am hopeful that schools and universities will figure out what systems work best and in turn provide an excellent platform for students to enhance their learning.

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