“Privacy is no longer a relevant social norm”

I was amazed to read that “Right now there are more people on Facebook than there were on the planet two hundred years ago”, for me that is crazy. It is truly scary how much technology has taken over from face-to-face conversation. There is no doubt that people are losing their true friends as it all becomes a race to how many followers you can get. More and more people are creating more “weak ties” which are people you only know through social media. We are always in that so called ‘state of emergency’ as we feel that if we don’t have our smartphones on us at all times, we will miss a big event or emergency. It is sad to think that what used to be private conversations across emails or texts, are now just put out into some “cloud” that hundreds of people have access to without you knowing, “Privacy is no longer a relevant social norm”. When I read conversations like this it always makes me wonder about what life was like back when technology wasn’t around. For our generation I feel we would struggle to get by with what they had in the past. What I have gotten from this chapter is that we build ourselves our own “online profile” that basically is a virtual representation of ourselves. From the movies we watch, to the websites we search, we are constantly feeding a pool of information to create our online profiles.

I can relate to the point whereby Lana talked about Facebook coming back to haunt her. For me as an athlete here at Charlotte, we are under constant scrutiny by the university in regards to what we post on social media. It is very important that we keep a good profile for ourselves as we are not only representing ourselves, but the university too. One bad post can come back to haunt us as Lana mentioned. I also feel that young people nowadays are unaware of the impact that there social media accounts can have on their futures. Some people are oblivious as to what is private and whats not. Overall I think that the topic of privacy is a controversial one and it can be talked about for a long time.


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