Work is no longer a social hub

One thing that struck me right away in the chapter “Work” was the idea that “Once you have an agenda, she thinks, you are not as likely to play with ideas”. This is in reference to colleagues who previously in the pass would hold “unassigned” meetings that would contain a flow of brilliant ideas whereas nowadays, meetings are put in place by text or email and there is no flow to the conversation. I amazed by Lister’s feelings towards a loss of community in the workplace all because of screens and various uses of technology. Less people spend time chatting to each other face to face as it has switched to digital communication. It all ties back in with previous chapters that business people tend to have their phones out while they attend a meeting, but in fact these phones don’t just distract the owners but those around them lose their focus.

I think that technology has positively impacted the workforce at the same time. For example my brother back in Ireland applied for a tennis coach opportunity in Melbourne, Australia and he was able to hold the interview over Skype. He ended up getting the job which meant that he saved on the cost of traveling to Australia just for the interview as that can now take place digitally. Whilst that is a positive impact, there are many negative ways it can influence work. Technology acts as a huge distraction for those in meetings and as a result the lecturer feels “the system is demoralizing”. I was intrigued at the part where Stan Hammond talks about young peoples ability to speak face to face. He believes that people over forty-five have more comfort in talking face to face than those below that age. He also believes that “the ability to apologize face-to-face is a basic business skill”. I see that everyday even in myself, when I feel more comfortable saying certain things to certain people over text rather than in person. It is sad to think that this type of communication is slowly dying.


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