Curiosity is an important trait

From the beginning of this semester I was very interested in the idea of technologie’s influence in peoples lives nowadays and having begun reading the novel “Reclaiming Conversation” my interest was sparked again. As I am an international student, I have an interest in the links between study abroad and social media. In many of our parlors, we discussed about the improvement of communication as a result of social media. For me personally, social media and technology has helped me greatly in becoming used to life over 3000 miles from home. Being able to contact friends and family at the click of the button is amazing and it definitely makes moving abroad much easier.

Another interest that has come about since reading the novel is the “benefits of boredom”. As the days of being truly alone are gone, I think that we are losing some important traits that people of the past would have had. Being able to spend time alone and literally having nothing to do is a skill in itself and having to reflect on your own is imperative for your own development. The fact that social media is being classified as an “addiction” also leads me to the question, what is it in social media that triggers the endorphins in your brain to make you want more. Is it too late for us to try and cut out technology from our lives?.

During one parlor I remember speaking about the importance of body language and performance. As I am a student athlete, I have read numerous books about sports performance and I recently came across a Ted Talk where a woman speaks about the power of body language. In this she explains how animals use certain body languages to show power and control. I tested this out when paying golf and I actually saw a great improvement in my golf just due to my body language. I think that what I have mentioned above all tie in together as aspects of my life. Coming from Ireland and being a student athlete, I have seen both positives and negative influences of technology and social media and the talk about body language ties in with my golf. I feel I have many avenues I could explore in the inquiry project.


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