Seeing the bigger meaning of Inquiry

Usually when I think of Inquiry, a question or a series of questions in relation to a topic would spring to mind. In general I would think of a piece of writing as inquiry if I see a question or articles cited within them. In “Seeking Revenge in the Underworld of Stolen Bikes” I think there are a number of questions in relation to the bikes, such as “Who takes them?” etc. At first I would not have read this as a piece of inquiry work but now having dug deeper, I can see some aspects that would make it so.

In “Humans of New York”, I found it very difficult to see what the underlying question was. It was difficult to determine what was asked to the people just by seeing their answers. On the New York Times website I read an article called “On Patrol with the Black Mambas” and I could see how this was a piece of inquiry. The person who took the photo was wanting to know more about these people so therefore this involved researching more about the Black Mambas.

I could see how “Serial” could be seen as inquiry when it is a podcast but in terms of the website itself I would find it very hard to determine what type of writing it would be. was easily identifiable as inquiry due to the simple fact that you would be researching about your family’s past and that itself would be the question you are looking to be answered.

I would not say that all of these projects represent what I would consider as inquiry but as I think more and more about what actual inquiry could be, I can see how some of these sites would match that description. Considering that there is nothing that I would do that I would consider as inquiry.


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