Research Blog 2

“Does life online give you popcorn brain?”

  • “Human interaction is a learned skill, and they don’t get to practice it enough,”
  • Too much internet usage can change brain structure
  • Study showed those who use internet more have more grey matter in brain (thinking part of brain)
  • Man chooses time on phone and laptop rather than time with child, body language changes
  • States of boredom no longer exist as people revert to internet use
  • Phones give instant gratification
  • Using phones promotes “less powerful” body language, creates social awkwardness
  • Online usage gives us “constant stimulation”


Too much time online can reconfigure our brains to make us need constant stimulation. Technology usage prompts a low powered body language.


“The Meeting Eyes of Love: How Empathy is Born in us”

  • “From the doting reflection of its mother’s eyes, a baby draws its earliest, wordless lessons about connection, care, and love, and about how being ignored”
  • Eye contact from mother generates our capacity for love
  • “We learn to care, quite literally, by observing the caring behavior of our parents toward us.”
  • If parents spend time on their phones, their children brains will configure in a way to act the same, body language suffers.
  • “Not surprisingly, children of mothers who display postpartum depression tend to be anxious and distressed themselves.”
  • As a result of lack of attention (poor body language towards children) the children themselves grow up to have the same traits.

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