Library Visit

I found the resources available on the library website very useful, especially the tutorial videos. Before going on the website I had previously been given some advice about approaching the website by my last UWRT professor and in one of my classes we were given a talk about ways to use the library website. In another class I had to use the library website to find sources in relation to skin cancer amongst athletes and I found numerous good-quality sources in relation to this topic.

Before I first visited the library I had a stereotypical idea of the library and what it would be like. I had imagined that it would be very basic, lots of book shelves and a couple of rooms with computers for people to use. I was amazed when I first went in. I was shocked at how big the building was and how modern the facilities were. I was a little confused by how the space could be used but after having wandered around I saw how there are different facilities for different kinds of people. There are quiet places for people to study while at the same time there are open spaces for groups to collaborate ideas and be a bit louder. I was blown away by the tenth floor and the views up there. The simplicity of the floor plan along with the amazing skyline had me in awe of the place.

As I mentioned above, people use the library for different reasons. Some just want to hang out with friends in a comfortable environment whilst others use it solely for academic use. It was evident whilst walking around that technology is taking over despite the large availability of books. Most people have their laptops or tablets out and those on their own have earphones in to block out the people around them. My favorite place was definitely the tenth floor. I had heard lots about it before I visited and my expectations were exceeded. The views were spectacular and luckily it was a very sunny day. While I was there I relaxed, admired the views of Charlotte and just read bits of the book “Open” by Andre Agassi that I had rented from the library. It is definitely a place I will come to in the future to relax and unwind.

I think in the future I will use the library mainly for relaxing and taking time out from my busy life. I feel that the library is an excellent place to escape from the mayhem that goes on outside and it gives you time to sit and think on your own. Below are some pictures I took on my visit.

The first picture is of the view of the skyline of Charlotte from the tenth floor in the library while the second photo is of the view from another side of the tenth floor. The final photo is of the book I rented, “Open” by Andre Agassi.


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