Research Blog 4

“Work the Power Pose”

This article “Work the Power Pose” was written by a woman named Kelly J. Baker and was published in March of 2016 and the idea behind this article was from the Ted talk “Your Body Language Shapes who You Are” by Amy Cuddy. Baker was fascinated by this Ted talk and felt that she wanted to delve into this topic more so decided that she herself would take the ideas from Cuddy and see if they worked for herself. Before doing this she also researched Cuddy’s book “Presence” which again talks about the importance of body language and that by spending up to two minutes in a so called “power pose” can boost self-esteem and mood.

One of the major poses mentioned is the “wonder woman”. It consists of standing upright with your arms spread wide apart in the air almost as if celebrating something. It is proven that spending time in this position is comforting for your brain. This article also highlighted the fact that spending lots of time on your phone or device can force you into low, powerless poses and as a result can have a negative effect on things like your mood and self-confidence. Having done it myself I can add a testimonial to that list that these poses can alter moods. It also lead me onto the idea of “fake it till you make it”, and it has sparked my interest in learning how this idea can help sport or athletic performance just by faking something does it ultimately lead you to actually believing it?


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