Research Blog 8

“Presence – How to Pose for Presence”

In this book, the author Amy Cuddy speaks about her own personal experiences with body language and how she uses it in her own life. She also gives ways to work on body language and as I read the chapter “How to pose for presence” I learnt some key ways to use it myself. “ Don’t sit in waiting rooms, hunched over your phone. Stand or walk around instead.” I thought that this quote tied in with my question on how the use of certain technology can effect body language. Here she talks about how using your phone, you automatically revert to a hunched posture, which then in turn leads to poor signals to the brain of lack of confidence etc.  I liked when she said that you need to learn how to use your phone as a Allie not an enemy as it can ultimately lead to poor body language and have a detrimental effect on your brain.

“How to Talk to Anyone”

This book is a very smart collection of different types of ways that someone can use body language in their favor to talk to people. Immediately one quotes that stood out to me was “There are two kinds of people in this life: Those who walk into a room and say, “Well, here I am! And those who walk in and say, “Ahh, there you are.” I felt that this quote summed up my whole research so far in the sense that in reality there are some people who are completely comfortable with themselves in public and there are others who shy away from certain situations as they fear being judged or else getting something wrong. In one chapter the book mentions how eye contact is a key component when it comes to falling in love. It has been proven that eye contact is almost always the first way that two people connect with each other and then form a bond that may or may not be broken.




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