Editors Projected Inquiry



Commentary on Infographic;

My initial inquiry project was based around the question of “What effects can body language have on your mood?”. At first I was very interested just to learn about the topic as a whole and this all begun by watching a Ted talk by Amy Cuddy on the importance of body language and how it “Shapes who you are”. I was not looking for anything in particular but I was more focused on broadening my knowledge of the topic before digging deeper. As I began to research my topic, I started to find that a general search would always lead me to the same type of information. As a result, if I was to revisit this inquiry question, I would like to focus more on “How body language can influence sport performance”. I was intrigued to learn that by forcing a certain body language on yourself, then you can alter mood which made me think about the sport side of things. As Amy Cuddy said in her talk, you can “fake it till you become it” it made me realize how this could be introduced in sports. Interestingly enough, I tried this out on myself in my own sport of golf and did my upmost to walk around with a positive body language. The results spoke for themselves as I had some of my best finishes throughout the year when I focused on body language. This led me to believe that there must have been plenty of previous studies to do with body language and sports performance. I was interested to find out what sports benefit from it most.

Personally being a golfer, I would love to find out more about the impact that it would have from a psychological stand point as golf is such a mental game. Going forward I would love to know more about tests that have been done and if the results are worth talking about then is it worth investing money in teaching young kids about the importance of body language when it comes to overall self-performance. As my research would progress and move forward, although I want to know more about sport, I think I would also like to have a look at how it can benefit people when it comes to jobs and business life. I believe that people work to the best of their ability when they are at their happiest and so I believe that body language may also help people of the business world. I have listened to many podcasts with a guy named Tony Robbins, who is a world-known businessman who has helped hundreds of people reach their full potential. In some of his talks, he talks about how to use your body and self-image to create an unstoppable you. So in general, I would firstly like to continue looking at the sport side of things and then possibly venture off into the business side of things. I am confident that there will be plenty of research done on both of these fields so I think that even though my experience in UWRT is over, I may continue myself and research it further and use it as general knowledge.